Newcastle Bed and Breakfast

Newcastle is a city located on the Tyne River in England's Tyne and Wear County. The city's name literally refers to the New Castle, built by the Norman's in 1080 following the Norman Conquest of 1066. This wasn't the first settlement on the site, it had been home to a rather sizable Roman population in the 2nd century. Experience the history of the town from your Newcastle Bed and Breakfast Accommodation.

In the 5th century, when the Roman occupation of England came to an end, the settlement became part of Northumbria, an Anglo-Saxon kingdom. Eschewing the Roman name of Pons Aelius for the name Monkchester, the town lasted for a while until the Normans arrived when it was mostly destroyed during conflict with the Danes. On the devastated site, the New Castle was built, mainly as a fortification against further attack. The town was named after it.

It endured for centuries, providing much needed strategic defence during the Middle Ages. A period during which a wall was built around the whole town to improve defences against Scottish attackers. Later, Newcastle was central to the science and supply of the Industrial Revolution.

Providing many interesting locations for Newcastle Bed and Breakfast. Many innovations and scientific advances are associated with the a few resident luminaries, including Stephenson's Rocket and Charles Parsons' steam turbine. The age brought with it a great amount of prosperity.

Today, the essence of advancement continues in the collaboration with Gateshead to regenerate the North. There are also progressive plans to embrace the technological age and turn it into a city of science. Whether in town for business or for one of the many cultural or scientific events held in the city, a Bed and Breakfast in Newcastle is good base from where to explore the many local attractions.

From quiet and secluded lodgings just outside the city centre only a few minutes from the airport, to the centrally located within walking distance of restaurants and shops, there is a B&B to cater for every kind of stay and budget. Prices vary quite a bit depending on where you stay, but for around £50 you should be able find a good quality room with every amenity and that tempting morning bacon aroma to get you up.